Valentine’s Day Events


Decorations adorn the desk in the book room.

Justice Harris, Staff Editor

Valentine’s Day is finally here, and a few events are taking place around campus to commemorate the holiday.  

For those looking to send special treats to their loved ones, the senior class has just the thing for you! Valentine’s Day candy grams have been sold outside of the cafeteria during lunch since February 8th with packages ranging from 1 to 5 dollars.  

Senior class Vice President Paul Smith shared some background, “We’ve been trying to raise money for prom, and there’s been a lot of stuff going around, so we thought ‘Hey, Valentine’s is coming up’, and that’s when we thought about the grams.” 

They are to be delivered during the third period on Valentine’s Day. 

But if that’s not your cup of tea, student council and leadership have volunteered to give back to the students with a free gift delivery to every student. 

“We’re going to give every student a Valentine through their second-period class,” Julie Oshiro, student activity manager, said. “We’re giving them glowsticks that have a note saying, ‘You make my heart glow’ because we don’t want anyone to not have a Valentine, and we want everyone to feel included.” 

Freshman Lucien Hopkins reflected on the gift exchange, “It was pretty nice of them to do that for us. Everyone in my class was playing with them and trying to connect the bracelets. I’m not really a fan of Valentine’s Day, but this was particularly warming.” 

A Valentine’s Sweethearts Dance is also being set up for all of the special education students in the gym, which student council and leadership will also be hosting.  

“It’s going to be a culmination of all of the different classes, and plus the children in leadership and student council, like our officers and our executive officers, are going to be dancing with the kids, feeding them, and playing games with them,” said Oshiro. 

Among the student council students helping was sophomore Saidee Garcia, “Mr. Carlos came, and he grilled all of the burgers and hotdogs for us. We had a bunch of cookies, snacks, and punch; we put them out and were serving all the kids and faculty that came.” 

With Valentine’s Day spirits high, the party also got the energy flowing. 

“We had a DJ, Coach Perez, and he played songs and we danced forever. The special needs kids were getting down. They weren’t shy and it was super fun,” Saidee said.