Science fair Postponed due to Precautions


Sophomore Kaysie Damasco stores her science fair project data as she awaits a due date.

Justice Harris, Staff Editor

The 10th grade Science Fair was initially scheduled to kick off on December 2 but with COVID-19 cases rising again, the dates have been up in the air; postponed until further notice to avoid a shutdown as the semester ends near Christmas break.  

Last school year, El Paso Independent School District organized a virtual science fair during which top students submitted a five-minute video and materials to compete for a chance at the regional Sun Country Science Fair as well as the Texas Science and Engineering Fair. 

“We did not participate last year, as a campus, in the virtual one,” chemistry teacher Troy Pavoggi said. “Because we felt it was going to be too difficult the way last year was.” 

Pavoggi said the event prior to the first COVID-19 lockdown had anywhere from 200 to 300 projects.

“Projects were being presented to judges from the science department, military, to engineering, and math teachers,” Pavoggi said.

Some students have spent weeks preparing to showcase their project and with three weeks before Christmas break, they have been allowed even more time to work on them. 

“The idea is pretty interesting. I liked the variety in it, and we could be creative,” sophomore Kaysie Damasco said. “My project was done to find out if fingerprint patterns were actually your own. I’ve been talking to people and taking their fingerprints.”

With an additional deadline on top of everyday classes, the delay has come as a relief to stressed students. 

“I had been rushing to complete the project. I was super worried about finishing it in time because we were supposed to present right after Thanksgiving break, but I did get it done,” Kaysie said. “I’m moving the week before Christmas break, so I just kind of hope my work was worth it and that my partner doesn’t have to do the rest alone.”

“I feel like a lot of students will appreciate science fair being pushed back,” sophomore Alexis Spiller said. “I mean, this year has been pretty hectic in itself.”

Nearing three weeks from when the Science Fair was initially postponed, students wonder if the science fair will even happen at all. 

“I think a lot of us are just hoping it’ll be, at least, after the break,” Alexis said. “I don’t think a lot of people are prepared to, not only present their project, but I’m sure a lot of people haven’t even done theirs.”