Students donate blood at school drive


Students donate blood in the library after signing up with student council.

Christian Gallardo, Andres Pena, Staff Editors

The school blood drive took place on November 18 from 8:30 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. inside the library. Students had to sign up with student activities manager Julie Oshiro. Students under the age of 17 had to get a parent signed permission slip in order to be a blood donor. 

Donors received a free T-shirt and free snacks as gratitude for donating blood. Nonprofit blood donor organization, Vitalant, sponsored the event and will provide the blood donations around the world. 

“I was pretty scared even before they took my blood,” sophomore Angella Garcia said. “One of my teachers said that it feels like a pinch and after they take my blood my body was going to get really cold like I died and that made me scared.” 

Angella said that she was happy to donate her blood and have it go to someone who needs it. 

“Being strapped to the machine which extracted my blood was a little nerve-racking,” senior Scottie Paige said. “But the people who were taking my blood were really nice and professional and made me feel comfortable during the whole process.” 

Senior Tristan Endlich said that after he signed up for the blood drive, he and the other donors were excused from class and taken to the library. 

“I didn’t see any harm in donating blood to those in need and it was pretty cool seeing my blood getting taken out through the long tubes,” Tristan said. “I’m glad I took part in the donation and hope to participate in another blood drive soon.”