The Nobodies Club Returns


Donovan Davis, Staff Editor

The Nobodies Library Club is back and running again. The Nobodies library club started years ago and is open to everybody no matter the grade or age. The sponsor of the Nobodies club, librarian Megan Skipworth offers activities for anyone who wants to hang out, start a club and help or join in events.

The Nobodies is open every Thursday for both first and second lunch. During lunch time, the club members have a short meeting discussing any events or news. Then after that they split up and play board games or video games, and also just talk too their peers and have fun.

“A place where everybody can find other kids that like the same thing they do,” Skipworth said.

Besides video and bored games, the Nobodies club has many other activities open, especially this year. They are opening new activities like 3D printing, art and using the studio. They have many art tools and machines set up for anyone who wants to use them or learn how to make different things, like with the 3d printer. They also have the recording studio open for use. All these activities can also be used any day of the week during school hours and not just limited to Thursdays during lunch.

“The goal is for the Nobodies to learn how to use the equipment and teach other students how to use the recording studio and the 3D printing,” Skipworth said.

Every year the Nobodies plan a Comic-con style event at the school with cosplay, games, food trucks and activities. Usually taking place closer to the end of the year. They decorate the library and courtyard with decorations and invite vendors and everyone is welcomed to come. They have many games set up and you can come dressed up as an anime or comic book character. Also, sometimes they take a trip to an actual Comic-con that is located in the El Paso area.

On October 18th through the 22nd the Nobodies are setting up a Halloween week with many activities, games and movies. There will be Franken toys craft activities, were you can make your own Halloween craft and also a costume contest. There will also be movies during lunch while you eat.

“I recently joined the nobodies this year and I’m really enjoying it so far and think the Halloween Trunk or Treet will be fun to go too,” senior Eduardo said.