Celebrities, Politicians, Corona


Donovan Davis, reporter

People around the world are scared by the coronavirus. It has spread quickly to person to person. But some of our beloved celebrities that we love, have caught the corona. Including Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson and Kevin Durant. And it’s not just celebs it’s also politicians too. These important people and ones we love are catching it. 

And many celebs have already died from it. Adam Schlesinger (Fountains of Wayne co-front man), Andrew Jack (Actor) and Alan Merrill (Songwriter).  

It was really sad to see Kevin Durant get tested positive, because he was my favorite player,” sophomore Tristian Endlich. 

It seems crazy that these celebrities could get Corona, but it shows that they are human like the rest of us. Tom Hanks caught corona. He is an actor appearing in many movies like Forest Grump, Cast Away and Toy Story. His wife also caught it, who is Rita Wilson. But of now they seem to be doing fine. 

“Like the rest of America, we carry on with sheltering in place and social distancing,”  Tom Hanks said. 

Another celeb is an athlete named Kevin Durant. He was tested positive on March 17, 2020. Him and three of his other teammates have been in house arrest, but they seem to be doing fine for the time being.  

I personally don’t have any celebrity’s with corona, but the ones who do I hope they feel better,” junior Vivi Chavez. 

Many politicians have also gotten corona. The first is Boris Johnson the British prime minister. He had been suffering from symptoms and tested positive the next day. 

Senator Rand Paul was the first to be tested positive on March 22 in the U.S. Prince of Whales, Charles was a prince to test positive for corona on March 25. He is the first line to the British throne. Many celebs and politicians have been infected and more are likely to come in these following months. We hope the scientists and doctors can fix this soon, so we don’t have too see any of over favorite celebs get infected. 

I am glad Tom Hanks is doing better. He was is my favorite actor and will always be,” Tony Bledsoe.