Bush Fires in Australlia


Donovan Davis, Writer

    The bushfires were raging in Australia since September of 2019. At least 25 people have died since last month and half a million animals as well. Houses, forests and land has been destroyed because of the fires. Scientists believe that global warming is the whole cause and why this is happening. The fires have covered a lot of land and many people, not only in the area, but the whole continent have been affected somehow. 

     “I feel deep sorrow for the country and continent of Australia,” sophomore Tristian Endlich said. 

      There has been a lot of destruction and deaths. Many firefighters have lost their lives trying to stop the fires. Since the start of the season, the ongoing bushfires have destroyed 2,176 homes, as well as 48 facilities and more than 2,000 outbuildings in New South Wales alone. Twenty-five people were confirmed to have been killed. And about 480 million mammals, birds and reptiles have been killed directly and indirectly by the fires. 

         “I love animals and it is just sucks what is happening to all the animals over in Australia,” sophomore Andrea Fawn said.

        Scientists in the U.S and Australia concluded that the bushfires have been caused by global warming. Global warming has caused a lot of other problems across the world. But the fires in Australia has really shown people what is can do. Climate warrior Greta Thunberg has been speaking out to Australia’s leaders. 

Australia is on fire. And the summer there has only just begun,” Greta wrote. 

She has demanded that action from the Australian leaders on Instagram and over a million people have backed her up. And many other people across the world are donating and raising money to try to stop this. 

     I have a relative that live in Australia and she does live close to the fire and I just hope nothing happens to her over there,” junior Vivi Chavez said.