The StrawBerry Ices


Donovan Davis, Writer

   The strawberry ices came to the cafeteria came last Tuesday to the cafeteria at Chapin. Up until now they have never given any type of ice cream or desert for regular days, only for holidays. The strawberry ice cream ran out quick and now they are serving it almost every day now. 

   ‘It’s really good. And it’s either frozen or liquid ice cream when you get it” said sophomore Vivi Chavez. 

    The ices were made by Sunrise Growers. They make all kind of fruit products and ship too 100 off schools. These strawberry ices are super healthy to. They offer 100 percent of your daily vitamin C per cup. They do have a little bit of sugar. So next time there are strawberry ices in the lunch line, people will know they are healthy and will be willing to try it. 

     “I think it’s too hyped and they aren’t even that good” said sophomore Christian. 

     There are people who loved the strawberry ices but there are the people who didn’t either. There was not a lot of people who didn’t like it. But it was either because they didn’t like ice or strawberries. The cafeteria also had the peach ices which was made by the same people and is the same thing, but with peaches. This strawberry ice was not popular and almost no one picked it up. But we wilbe getting more off the strawberry ice this week and after Christmas break too. 

   “Keep these cups on hand if you’re looking for a healthy nighttime treat or trying to replace processed snacks in your diet” said Costco.