Fantastic Fancon

Students, community attend comic, gaming convention.


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Vendors had to contact the school regarding this event to see if they could have a spot in the Fancon. Amelia Rodrigez and her husband own this small business “We make hand craft clay characters, each of them take us from 30-50 minutes to make,” Amelia said.
students were able to do all sorts of crafts from paper spinners to aliens out of eggs. “I have been making little aliens for like an hour, it’s so fun,” freshman Victoria Reyes said.
the event had costume contest for students of any school. Cassidy Olliy is a Judge that is homeschooled. ” you basically walk up and people ask you questions and you get rated on a number scale.” Cassidy Olliy said.
Students that signed up to race their marbles roll down a wood slate. There was multiple rounds of the racing so students played super Mario bros in the library while waiting for their marble racing to begin. ”  I signed up for the race like at the start 0f the event so i had to wait for it to start at like Five and then i had to wait til my marble was up,” Annalise Gonzales said.
students dress up for the costume contest. “I’ve had this costume at home and this was my chance to show it off.” Senior Griffen Lopez said
the legends dance team had performed a dance routine for the event.  ” we wanted to give a good performance to the students that where watching us, we practiced the routine for a while” Junior Angelica Ortiz Colon said


students had to get creative to make their costumes for the contest. ” I’ve been planning my outfit for a day it was very last minute but i think it looks good.” Freshman Rinoa Fraliy said
At the event there were many food trucks on of them being a shaved ice truck. Angel Beasly is the owner of Sancity’s Hawaiian shaved ice. Her syrups are made from natural ingredients.
Lily long was the winner of the Costume contest. ” i made my whole costume it took about a couple months,” she dressed up as cartoon character from 1997 called “Spamton”