We’ll Miss You Melvin!

Junior Ava Trotter and Junior Jolene Martinez signing a poster for custodian Melvin Kennebrew. “When I was in softball he was my biggest supporter”, Junior Jolene Martinez said.
Junior Rover Cardiel and Sophomore Abagail Stewarts saying their goodbyes. “Everytime he came into the classroom he had positive energy and he made my day better”, Sophomore Abagail Stewarts.
Juniors Sienna Villalobos and Desert-Rain Martin taking a turn at signing for Melvin. “I could always count on Melvin to brighten up my day, his greetings always boosted my mood”, Junior Desert-Rain Martin said.
“See you later gang” is something Marvin always said to the kids. “He was always there at our volleyball games supporting, I am going to miss that”, Junior Jaelynn Gross said.
Junior Rover Cardiel made this poster to show Melvin how much he was loved. “It was the least I could do for him since he always went out of his way for the students here,” Rover Cardiel said.
Mr. Clague, an engineering teacher, signs as a thank you to Melvin. “Melvin lit up the school whenever he entered the room, I wish him a happy retirement,” Mr. Clague said.
Elisa Robelo smiles as she writes her goodbye to Melvin. “I was once waiting after school for my parents to pick me up and he asked me how I was doing in school. I told him about my plans for college and then he said he supported me and was looking forward to my graduation,” Junior Elisa Robelo said.