Happy Hallo!

CDL Trick-Or-Treating

CDL teacher, Ms. Sullivan, allowing CDL kids to participate in a school Trick-Or-Treating Oct 31. Here is one of the kids dressed up as a dinosaur.
CDL kid showing his love for the superhero Superman. He is dressed with excitement and love for this day.
CDL kids share their love for their favorite superheroes! Spider-man and Superman share a cherishable moment.
Walking through the halls, teachers stopped and told the kids how awesome they looked. The CDL kids showed all kinds of funny, amazing, loving costumes.
Striped and eager to roar, the CDL kids brought out their character along with the costumes.Animals seemed to be something we didn’t see much of this year!
One of the head football coaches very own participating in this event. Coach Elliot also provided candy for the kids, expressing his love for their costumes.
Mooooo! One of the favorite costumes this year, the CDL students laughed as the CDL kid shared his favorite noise a cow makes.
CDL student, Evelyn (buddies with CDL kid in the picture), expressed her love with this specific costume. Jokesters love to be goofy and that is exactly what happened throughout the day.
Bippity Boppidy Boo! One of their CDL kids showed her love for Disney princess, Cinderella, showing the true meaning of a princess!