Theatre prepares for upcoming musical


During after-school rehearsal, actor Xavi Antunez is practicing his emotional performance. His fellow actors are on stage waiting it unfold. This acting by Xavi will be seen in the musical.

The school theater team has a new Musical and Dance production in development! The titles are “A Day in Hollywood / A Night in Ukraine.” It is planned to take place on May 18 through 20.

“There are 28 people cast to learn music and dance right now,” theatre director Cody Ritchey said.

There are 28 people cast to represent both music and dance.

Ritchey saw that the actors are still in the learning phase. The actors are still trying to learn how the music can play out and learn to master what they practice.

“We’re trying to use a lot of projections in the show to go along with what’s happening on stage,” Ritchey said.

The projections that the production team is trying to use on stage enhance the visual representation to make more intriguing and enjoyable music.

“Wish we would have more time because there is a lot to learn,” Ritchey said.

The time the production team has is not enough for them to learn more things to improve the quality of the musical. Ritchey believes that it will go well.

“It is such a fun show! There are a lot of crazy characters and funny jokes. I think we will have a great time with it,” said junior Justyce Smith, president of the Worklight Theater Company.

Justyce Smith is enthusiastic about the show because of the crazy characters and funny jokes.

“Definitely by running the choreography a ton and studying the sources my character(s) come from,” Justyce said.

Justyce seeks to learn from previous experience with plays in the past by studying choreography to allow more fluid, natural, and skilled movement.

“We honestly just started doing real work on the show so there isn’t much to go off of, but I think characterization is the biggest thing at the moment,” Justyce said.

Their biggest priority when setting up the show is characterization, which is creating the characters, their appearance, and how they are.

“There are a ton of moving parts to this play, as well as long tap numbers,” Justyce said. “So, I am just nervous about trying to put it all together.”

She is figuring out how to put together the choreography and the tap numbers of the play to organize it.

“For the most part, my area is going well,” said freshman Jaden De La Cruz, the head of technology.

The technology sector of production is going well.

“The acting and the flow of things,” Jaden said.

These are the two factors he believes the production needs to improve on. From Jaden’s point of view, the actors follow up their conduct very well. Projection, lighting, shifting colors, and cinematography are what he believes are foundational ideas that help the production of the musical.

There is optimistic hope that the musical will turn out well. Everyone involved in the production aspires to make a quality and enjoyable show for everyone to enjoy.