SAT Season


SATs took place on March 1, 2023. Books like these are what students use to study for the SAT.

Noah Henry, Staff Reporter

The SATs are coming around the corner. For such a pivotal test, 11th-grade students have to prepare for it. Studying, practicing, having a good sleep, and having a healthy breakfast.

This article was released when the last SATs were on March 1, 2023. From 8:30 Am – 2:00 PM. Essentially, they had the whole day to take it. The tests were in the Senior Building on the 2nd floor. Check-ins took place in the main gym at 7:45 AM. At the check-in, students were required to display a picture ID of any legal or official document showing sufficient information.

 Calculators are provided for students. Students are permitted to have snacks. Lunch may be delayed for students, however, if they wanted snacks during lunch they will be provided if requested. As long as their food is non-allergic to ensure safety. 

 “It was alright, I think I did okay,” junior student Joel Choi said. “I took an SAT book I got from one of my classes.” 

 Students said the SAT was easy, they studied the portions that would be the most challenging, which for some was the math portion.

 “It was easy. It felt like I had to try on it,” Junior Student Diego Caballero said. 

 He believed he did well on it. 

 Junior student Anthony Lee who encountered more of a challenge. 

 He thought the SAT was “rather difficult”. 

 Throughout the struggle, he believed he did alright.

 To prepare, Anthony Lee said “I studied my notes from previous years and I did a lot of khan academy. Also, with the help of my teachers, I was able to clear up any questions.”

 The SAT makeup date is on April 12, 2023.