Sudden Changes

New semester schedules cause disruption in student routines

On January 4th students returned to school after a long break, and some found changes to their schedules. Some requested a change to their schedule, but other students received a change without asking for it. 

I showed up at school and they changed 2 of my classes,” sophomore Shalayiah Dukes said, “but I’m okay with it because I get along better with my new teachers.”  

Even though an unplanned schedule change took place, she found herself enjoying the new class more than her old one. 

“I prefer my new schedule. Originally, I had a teacher I didn’t get along with and now I’m passing.” Shalayiah Dukes said. “My new teacher is more explanatory than my past teacher, and it works better for me in class.” 

The opposite has occurred where students have requested a change but didn’t get one because classes were already full. 

“I asked to have my class changed to Health because I need that credit, but there was nothing different about my schedule for this semester.” sophomore Addison Weber said. 

There’s been some students that got the change they asked for, but instead of feeling better about it they feel worse. 

“I thought by changing my class it would be a better learning environment for me,” freshman Lucas Walker said, “But instead it feels more challenging and I’m not able to change it back.” 

Students were instructed to talk with their counselors if they wanted to make any changes to their schedules. The process isn’t always as simple as students thought. According to counselor Cheryl Whitney, “It takes just a few minutes if there is another class the same period with seats available. Sometimes it’s more like a game of “Tetris” where every class needs to be changed to make something fit. Other times it is not possible because that may be the only class on the schedule available at that period of the day. We try to keep classes balanced with a like amount of students in each, but the changes have to be approved by the Guidance & Counseling Administrator, Mrs. Carrillo.”