Upcoming College Applications

Ayleene Marco, Staff Writer

As college application deadlines approach, seniors are beginning to apply for colleges. This process is a new experience and students are weighing in on their thoughts. 

 “It’s a lengthy process to finish applications, I just want it to be over with,” senior Jeremy Holt said. 

 Applications involve many different requirements for students. For students like senior Isabela Arnold, who have applied to several colleges, the work can be overwhelming. 

 “Applying to all these different schools is definitely stressful for me,” Isabela said. “There’s certain deadlines you have to meet which adds stress.” 

 For other students who are set on a certain school, applying for a college is easy for them 

 “Since my commitment to WNMU, in order to continue my athletic career,” senior Anthony Rivera said. “I don’t need to stress about which school I’ll be attending.” 

 Students like senior Alana Steel-Poor are not stressing about college applications. 

“I actually find applying for colleges fun,” Alana said. “The whole process is time consuming, but I know it’s or my own good.”