Military Moves: Educational Nightmare for Families

Madison Howard, Staff Reporter

Military personnel move almost every two and a half years. Every move bringing great change and the need to start anew for each member of the family.

The military moves its troops on a regular basis because they need a certain number of people at different bases for operations, missions, and specialized training.

High Schoolers usually struggle the most with making friends, grades, and getting to know their surroundings.

With how much the family member in the military moves around, the child can struggle with gaining the credits needed for graduating on time.

Different states have very different requirements for graduation. For example, Texas only requires 26 credits, while Florida you only need 24 to graduate.

Military children might lose class credits when they transfer to a new school. This can lead to frustration for kids and parents.

Military Moving truck, moving a family of 5 from Virginia to El Paso Texas in January of 2020.

According to Beth Ruff and Micheal Keim, There are 1.2 million school-age children with military parents in the United States, and approximately 90% attend public schools.

These frequent moves can cause children to miss out on extracurricular activities and to face challenges in meeting graduation requirements.

A lot of students result to online schooling as to not sacrifice credits or graduation times frames.