Final Stand

From December 14th through the 16th is finals week, or shark week, which has caused a large amount of stress for many of the students. Some of which have thought it would be better to do finals at a different time rather than the last week of a semester.  

“I think it would make more sense to do finals the 2nd week before Christmas break instead of the week before.” junior Caleb Moore said, “It would take a lot of stress off students because they would have extra time to do more work in case they need to improve their grade.” 

Exemptions have been circulating around the school the past few weeks, and it leaves students confused and annoyed. 

“I’ve been working so hard the entire semester, with all A’s and good attendance throughout. I was told I would be exempt from the finals, but I still have teachers making me take it anyway.” sophomore Carol Gomez said. “It feels like I wasted my efforts because none of it prevented me from taking the tests.” 

The end of a quarter or semester results in taking a test to show your knowledge over those few weeks. Students believe there shouldn’t be separate tests for the end of a semester. 

“A test for a quarter makes sense, but two tests for the end of a quarter and one for the semester doesn’t.” freshman Lillian Daniel said. “The semester final tests us on everything for the past two quarters, so I don’t see the point in taking a smaller one just for the one quarter.”