Students campaign for chance at royalty

Leonardo Belman, staff reporter

He put up posters, advertised on Instagram, and gave out crowns. These are some of the things that the King did in order to secure his place as King of Homecoming.  

The homecoming king was senior Cesar Javalera. Running against him were seniors Rafael Alicea, and Angel Manjarrez.  

 “I decided that I was gonna run for king because my friend Rafael told me that he was running, and I thought it would be cool to compete against him,” Cesar said. 

Cesar had a social media campaign and gave out crowns. Cesar believed that was what led to his victory.

“My social media campaigning and my physical campaigning with the crowns,” Cesar said. “That was a lot of support, a lot of people liked the crowns.” 

Cesar’s crown project was done to persuade people to vote for him. He had red, blue and green crown that lit up, and said “Cesar 4 king.” 

“We were just passing them out at first and then all of the sudden we had a big group around us asking for crowns so we ran out really quick,” Cesar said.  

Cesar was not alone during the process of becoming king.

“I had quite a bit of support,” Cesar said. “A lot of people were reposting my stories on Instagram, and a lot of people wore the crowns that I brought it was basically free promotion.”  

Senior Andrea Nuñes helped Cesar pass out the crowns that were brought in order to promote Cesar’s campaign. As a close friend of Cesar Andrea’s support paid off.

“It was really satisfying after everything i saw him do in order to win,” Andrea said. 

Cesar never doubted himself, not even for a second. Not only was it a big moment for Cesar, but it was also special for the family.

“They were really proud,” Cesar said.  

Senior Cesar Javalera stands in line with the rest of the court. Shortly after they were called, the King and the queen danced to the song “Neon Moon.”