Food trucks frenzy

Different food options made available for “Hunting Season” celebrations


Invitation “chapin_stuco”posted to notify students of the event.

Four food trucks were available for students and teachers during both lunch hours near the wall ball and tennis courts on Thursday, November 3 for rivalry-week celebrations. The food trucks were brought as a gift from Ms. Chappell for good behavior and decrease in failing rates.

 Lines were an issue due to a large amount of students cutting and had to be monitored by staff. 

“The lines were so long my time for lunch was running out, so I just left to get food at McDonald’s,” sophomore Diego Aguirre said.

At the event the longest line took place at food truck that sold loaded fries in a cone and wings. 

“I waited in line for about 15 minutes I got buffalo chicken fries and was worth the wait,” sophomore Zoey Cereceres said. 

Although some complaints from students were made about the results of eating at the trucks. 

“I felt like I got food poisoning, and I had a fever and had stomach pain after I ate the Tacos de pastor,” sophomore Cielo Illarramendi said  

One of the food trucks contained seafood such as Sushi. The line for that truck was shorter than most trucks.  

“I really don’t like sushi like that but it was shorter than most lines so I got a basic sushi roll, ” sophomore Michael Salas said.

“I was excited to see what the trucks had to sell but nothing really caught my attention except these loaded fries, but the line was too long,” junior Nicholas Purnell said. 

The trucks had reduced pricing to be reasonable for students purchasing.

“I brought a 20 to be able to buy stuff at the trucks and I bought loaded fries, wings, and snow cone so it was a good price for me,” junior Jovanie Barrios said.