PSAT Testing

Students did not feel they had enough time to study for PSAT considering that the PSAT study guides were given to them a week prior to the actual PSAT date. The PSAT is a practice SAT test that sophomores and juniors take to qualify for the National Merit Scholarship. Students were nervous after not taking it in previous years. 

“I was nervous to take the PSAT, in my old school I did not take it,” junior Carymar Lopez-Cruz said. “I had no idea what to expect.”  

Students were anxious. Sophomore Abagail Stewart took it last year and said the test was a “big deal.” 

“I was kind of nervous,” Abigail said. “I had taken the test last year, but I was nervous because I’m not that good at math.” 

Students really did not mind the test, but they definitely did not feel ready. 

“I have never taken the test before,” sophomore Crystal Velarde said. “This is my first time taking the test. I did not study, I am not stressed about the test. I am just going to do it and wing it.”  

The test is a big deal to students, but they think the test does not test their academic strengths. 

“The test is dumb because it does not determine how smart you truly are,” junior Brenda Alarcon said. “The test does not make sense. It is timed so you get no time to thoroughly read and answer the questions on the test.”  

This test can help you get into college, but students think they are not necessary if you are not going to go to college. 

“I am not going to lie; I do not mind the test. I went to school, tried my best on it and got it over with,” junior Juan Martinez said. “I just think they should think about the people that are not going to go to college, some people like my friends are going to learn their welding certificate and they are going to a trade school, so in reality they don’t need the PSAT, maybe they should let students opt out.” 

Seniors taking the SAT were glad that they had the chance to take a practice test before taking the real thing. 

“I took the PSAT last year and I’m glad I took it. I will take the SAT in a couple days and I’m really hoping that it helps me out for the real test,” senior Leonardo Belman said. “I did pretty good last year, so I am hoping I do good on the real one.”