Students ID’s required to enter campus


The system that you have to use to enter the building with a camera ,button, and voice speaker.

Ruby Vasquez , Staff editor

In Texas, many students are concerned about our safety in schools. The new Texas rule “Chapter 37 of TEC” that mandates all school door entrances to be locked has also come with other things. One of them is the showing of ID’s to maintain school safety and danger free. 

“I think it’s one of the best ways for our safety, even though sometimes the lines are big to get in the building,” freshman Keyshaun Lawrance said. 

The students aren’t the only ones that think is important but also the time it takes up.

“Sometimes in the mornings it takes up my time because I have to pull it out and show it to them,” sophomore Zoey Cereceres said. “I’m always running late.”

If students do not have an ID  at all or on them that day, they must get a new one from the security office before heading to class.  

“One time I forgot my ID in my volleyball backpack and they sent me to a room to get a new one and I had to pay,” sophomore Samantha Myres said.

There are students that do not see how showing their ID’s assure their safety because the cafeteria entries are not supervised, so anyone could walk in.  

“Last time I came to school I was running late so I asked to get dropped off at the cafeteria and I had my ID and nobody was there to make sure it was me,” sophomore Pablo Ferniza said. 

The ID checking is not just something that happens in the morning it’s ongoing all day.

“I think it’s a good thing to keep the school safe but during lunch I hate having to push the button and show my ID because I feel like it’s a waste of my time,” sophomore Diego Aguirre said.

This system is something that only happens at the front of the school, but other entries do not function that way. 

“I think if all the doors functioned like that hall traffic would move slower during transitions to class,” sophomore Dany Arellano said. “I think they should just keep it at the entrance.”