Student Council prepares Thanksgiving baskets for students


Close up picture of Diego Caballero junior and David Rodriguez building the last box for their Thanksgiving event.

Every year, the Student Council creates baskets for students who are in need during the Thanksgiving holiday. They decorate the boxes with autumn colors and place the food gathered inside. They do a drive asking every organization for canned goods and other holiday foods. 

“We’re asking each of the sports and organizations for a certain food,” said Brisa Matamoros, junior Environment & Energy officer.

This year more boxes than usual are needed. They started the boxes several weeks in advance to meet the needs. 

“Our goal this year is 66 boxes,” said Julie Oshiro, Student Activities Manager. 

Despite the high number of boxes needed, it’s a fun project for the council to do. 

“It’s always fun to decorate the boxes, it almost bonds the members together,” junior Savannah Zamora said.  

The boxes are being created under the Environment and Energy committee, but general members are invited and encouraged to help. 

“The boxes we use are reused from carrying school supplies,” Matamoros said, “This is also an environmental help.” 

The boxes are being passed out Nov. 15.