Class Officer Elections

Class officer elections were announced Aug. 22. Students had a week to fill out the packets and turn them in. They then had a week to campaign. 

“I really enjoyed campaigning and running for class officer. All my campaign posters and social media posts were super fun to design,” said Elisa Robledo, candidate for junior class President. 

The packets had several different requirements for each student to fill out. 

“Although the packets required a good amount of information, I didn’t find it difficult to fill out,” said Alicia Montoya, candidate for junior class Secretary. 

The purpose of running for class office is to make changes in the student body and to do what they think would benefit their class. 

“My hope is to implement more community service opportunities for my class.” said Brisa Matamoros, candidate for junior class Vice President.

The results of the election were announced after the 3-day weekend, Sept. 7.  

“I was nervous to hear the results and it didn’t help that I had to wait four days.” Matamoros said. 

There will also be an additional election for the underclassmen classes since there was a lack of students wanting to run. 

“The underclassmen’s packets will be due September 9 and the student body will vote September 16.” said Julie Oshiro, Student Activities manager.