New truck serves birria tacos

Food trucks near school

Jaime Corral , Staff reporter

Students are attracted to the food truck and were devastated that they left. 

“I’m mad they didn’t come since I have been starving during lunch and want their food,” freshman Stephanie Aguilera said.

They left kids hungry for their food, some are even trying to find where they are located now using their social media pages. With no luck they have given up and are just going to have to live with it and go back to their old ways. 

“They would have a booming business if they came back,” sophomore Helena Clark said.

She was very upset that they have not been coming because she could not go eat with her friends there anymore. Helena also liked that she had the option that brings you a sense to the real world where you do have to go buy food for lunch.  

Although they miss them, they do wish they would be cheaper than 12 dollars for only three tacos. They all felt they were getting scammed and wanted more options. When the food trucks were here, they sold only one food option which were a meal of tacos. Students wanted them to add different variants of food or at least different types of tacos. 

Students really missed the taco truck, but others don’t and they were glad that they were gone because “many students were getting scammed.”