First football game

anticipations for the first football game

Jaime Corral , Staff Reporter


  Freshman Natalia Mcdougall said “I have high hopes for Chapin but Coronado is a really good team so we would have to put up a good fight” Students like Natalia said they have high hopes for the football game. 

School spirit is a big deal for the first football games since it is one of the biggest games of the season and since it’s the start of a brand-new football season we hope to win. 

 “We need support; we need everyone to come and enjoy the game”, ‘Alexander Wyatt said If people want to support the team like Alexander said he recommends going to the school section’’ since that is where you’ll have the most fun and be able to participate.  

Jade Rangel “said you should probably get to the game 10-20 minutes earlier for better seating” since this is our first game the benches will probably be packed so the earlier the better.