Football field closed for lunch

Joshua Laboy, Staff Writer

The football field, which students used as place to socialize has been closed during lunch periods for students.

“I was looking forward to go play wiffle ball on the football field, but then I heard it was closed,” sophomore Preston Chase said.

The football field was closed during second lunch due to an altercation with students during the first lunch period.  

The football field was used by  students during lunch on “A” days. Students would play football on the field and on “B” days during first lunch the football field was used for wiffle ball and Soccer.

“On ‘A’ days I wouldn’t really play wiffle ball with my friends due to the football players taking up most of the field, which sucked because it something we always did during ‘B’ lunch,” Preston said.

During first lunch the football field was used by sophomores and freshman. And while playing football on the field there was an altercation between a freshman and sophomore. 

“One of the freshman was arguing with the sophomores which caused a big group to huddle around the two players,” sophomore Gavin Gledhill said. “When I got closer, I saw one of the freshmen friends was holding him back.” 

Later that day, during the time of first lunch was ending, principal Regan Chapell said on the intercom that the football field would now be closed during lunch. 

“I was really bummed out and kind of mad,” sophomore Andy Salaz said.  “I was mad because I got something taken away from me due to someone’s actions.”

During Lunch, the fence that leads into the football field is locked. Therefore, No one can go onto the field anymore. 

“Although I understand why they closed the football field, I will still miss going on the field during lunch,” Preston said. “Now I must find something new to do during lunch.”