Local restaurants during lunch

Ruby Vasquez , Editor

Lunch is a 40-minute period that students must manage wisely. Students’ lunch period is taken up on the wait for food, or on the drive. An enjoyable lunch period would have to last longer than 40 minutes.

Many students are satisfied with the local restaurants but not the time that is handed to us during the lunch period.

“I expect to have more than forty minutes for lunch, so I have time to drive to the restaurants, eat and make it back to school” Sophomore Crystal Velarde said

Students that leave school grounds All have several types of transportation. “I drive my jeep during lunch and while driving I choose my restaurant” Sophomore Osvaldo Marquez said

There are some students that still don’t have a way of transportation.

“I always just catch a ride with one of my friends “Sophomore Stephanie Torres said

The time given to students has been one of the biggest complaints because they either do not have time to eat or run a few minutes late to school.

“The 40-minute lunch period should be extended because, the lines at restaurants always take long and I hardly get to school early” Sophomore Michael Salas said

Our school is surrounded by many fast-food restaurants, which gives our students many choices.

“Most of the time during lunch I just go to Boss Chicken because they have fast service and I enjoy the type of food they serve” Sophomore Crystal Velarde said

Over ten fast food restaurants that are ten minutes away by driving surround us.

“I am satisfied with the local restaurants around me because dyer street has a lot of choices for us to pick from” Sophomore Michael Salas said

Although some students enjoy the lunch break the time it starts can hold a different opinion to them individually.

“The time for lunch is really early for me because I honestly don’t get hungry till after 12“-sophomore Jocelynn Garcia said

One thing that students would appreciate the most is a whole hour lunch period, although we are surrounded by local restaurants.

“It’s an exaggerated amount of people, I feel like they are a good distance, but I just feel like we need more time in order to make it back on time to school” Sophomore Crystal Velarde said