Back to School Bash

Sienna Villalobos, Editor-In-Chief

Back to school means getting back together. To help students socialize, the student council organized the Back to School Bash for all students. The event included food trucks and different activities that were held after school from 5-7 pm in the courtyard.  

Many students did attend the event, but some explain how their expectations were not met. 

“I was expecting more actual food trucks instead of just snacks, like so far I’ve only eaten a churro and an ice cream,” junior Mia Campa said. 

Students participated in the activities that were run by student council members at tables set up in the courtyard. 

“The slime making was a lot of fun, it was just really messy, and I got it on my clothes,” Mia said. 

The unplanned windy and rainy conditions also had a negative effect on the outdoor event. 

“It’s been really ugly outside, but I also expected some music or something it’s just really quiet,” junior Natalie Aguilera said. 

Members of student council like historian Saidee Garcia were disappointed when they were unable to do certain activities. 

“We were planning on having tug of war on the field but because of the soccer game and weather, sadly we weren’t able to,” junior Saidee Garcia said. 

The harsh weather and its effects on the event did not go unnoticed by students.  

“It is a little worse than I expected but I think it is mostly due to the bad weather,” junior Victoria Perez said. “It would be better if the weather was different.”  

Some people at the event were seen not having as good of a time as others.  

“This is my first time coming to this event and it seemed like a lot of drama like I saw some girl crying earlier,” freshman Stephanie Aguilera said. 

Although some students were still able to have a fun time to begin the new school year. 

“I think it’s a great opportunity for everyone, especially new students and freshmen, to meet people and make friends,” Mia said.