Students will not return due to COVID

Andres Pena, Staff Writer

Students will not return due to Covid 

With the last semester of school coming to an end, students are getting ready to leave school, the only thing left for them to take is their final exam. Although students who have gotten COVID this week or even last week won’t be able to take it because of the two weeks that they must be in quarantine. These final exams account for ten percent of our final grade, students who won’t be able to take this exam will experience a large drop in their grades. 

 “I got covid about a week ago, at first, I did not realize that I had it until my mom got sick and we both had to take a covid test’ sophomore Alexis Ramirez said. “I know I won’t be able to take the final but that is ok because my grade won’t be failing if it drops since I have a 96″ 

Teachers understand the situation and are not penalizing the students for not being able to take the test.  

“I know my students are sick and I know they can’t be here to take my exams so what I want to do is put at least a passing grade so that the test does not affect their grade so much,” Spanish teacher Luis Maldonado said. 

Some teachers allow their students to take their tests at home, no matter the reason. 

“I am happy that my teacher reached out to me and is willing to give me a passing grade for the test even though I won’t be there in person,” junior Luis Anguiano said. “Even my physics teacher is allowing me to take my final exam even though I won’t be present in class.”