Stricter restrictions to keep students out of trouble


Stalls in the girls bathroom filled during transition periods.

Due to a rise in absences and tardies during class time, the admin has decided to monitor student whereabouts more closely, with added restrictions. A faculty meeting was held regarding recent events outside of school grounds during school hours. Since then, more limitations have been placed on students to decrease attendance issues.  

These rules have always been in place, teachers and staff are enforcing the rules more. 

“I have always required the agenda to leave the classroom,” algebra teacher Leonel Moreno said. 

Students have complained about the heightened security due to it being so close to the end of the school year. 

“We have around 10 school days left and they’re barely adding all these rules, it doesn’t matter at this point,” sophomore Victoria Perez said. 

Students leaving class to attend events or other classes require teacher approval along with an email confirming the request. 

“With the end of school year deadlines approaching I need to turn in assignments during other classes but I’m not able to anymore because of the restrictions,” sophomore Eric Dominguez  

Others said that it isn’t much different from usual protocol. 

“They’re a little more harsh ever since the fight at the shoppette but there hasn’t been a big difference,” sophomore Sophie Verdejo-Buisson said.  

Regardless of opinions, the rules are put in place for student safety. 

“The heightened sense of security is good because it’ll keep students in class and out of trouble, ” Dominguez said.