Squid Game Event


Vanessa Martinez

Squid game soldier holding the unbroken masa-pans

Donovan Davis and Andres Pena

The Squid Game is a popular show that grew in popularity last year. A show where contestants must go through games to win the ultimate prize. That is what happened on Friday in the gym where students got to compete in the first every Squid Game event at Chapin.

The events that were held were red light, green light, Mazapan, tug of war, and musical chairs.

At the event’s start, they had all the contestants line up and receive a balloon in their hand. The balloon was there for when they had lost one of the games so that they could pop it to keep track of who was in or out. And also, other contestants could pop each other’s balloons to get each other out.

“I was nervous the entire time,” senior Kaleb McGhee said. “My balloon kept falling off, and I tried tying it back on my wrist with one hand and was scared someone might pop it.”

The first game was a red light, green light. They had the contestants line up on the other side of the gym to start. They also handed out party blowers so that if you breathed through your mouth too much you would get out. At the end of that game, almost half of the contestants got out. The second game was Mazapan. For this game, you had to open a Mazapan without breaking it and take it to the other side of the gym in under 1 minute. The players quickly started, and everyone got to the other side of the gym before the timer stopped, but a lot of players broke their Mazapan and had balloons popped anyway.

“I got out during the Mazapan game and was disappointed when I cracked mine” senior Donovan Jones said.

The third game was a tug of war. Two people were chosen to be team captains and they took turns picking people to be on their team. The game started and it seemed very even at first, each team pulling back and forth. While everyone was pulling, the mat that was laid across started being pulled inward, because of the fierce tugging in the middle. After a minute the right side started to gain momentum and pulled the other team over the line achieving victory. The final game was musical chairs. Everyone got around the chairs and then the game started. Each time the music stopped someone would get out and were dropping like flies. At one point close to the end of the game the music was still going, but 4-5 people sat down and got out leaving only three. The three started and before the music could stop two of the people sat down which means they were out leaving only Kaleb the winner.

“My favorite game was definitely musical chairs,” senior Vivian said. ” It was really funny watching everyone get themselves knocked out by sitting down too early.”

While the whole experience was fun, many people had some complaints about the whole event itself. One of the main complaints was that it was not long enough. Some people thought they could have put more games to extend its time. Another complaint was that it was really disorganized at times.

“In the first few events, it was really hard to know what was going on. You could barely hear the music, especially with all the people in the gym that day. So, my friends and I were just sitting around waiting for something to happen” sophomore Justice Harris said.