Eighth graders visit to check out school clubs and activities

“I was just patrolling the hallways and stopping families and asking them if you want to join JROTC,” sophomore Justyce Smith said.

On April 20th , 8th graders came to visit the school and see what type of clubs they would be interested in.

“We had some an air rifle at our table so we were just showing that off and explaining what all the parts do,” Justyce said, “we were looking for people that would be interested in joining. “Justyce said.

She is a platoon sergeant for the JROTC program which means she sends messages back and forth and makes sure everything is okay.

“I love it, I have had mainly good in the program and there has been some people who can get under my skin but that’s everywhere. ROTC is like a third family to me,” Justyce said.

Being in Theater and ROTC Justyce feels like they are both her families away from her family.

“We played a few pieces that we are going to play at our upcoming concert and music we played in previous concerts,” senior Alex Reed said.

Alex was in the orchestra room in charge of playing music to attract people to the room. Alex played the duet with their friend that they are going to play at state and another celloist plated ‘Box Suite’

“I would of said that orchestra is a very idle thing to experience because it teaches you discipline and responsibility and you get new friends,” Alex said, “I love orchestra and it’s a big part of my life and I can see myself doing it for a long time.”

The orchestra table was in the fine arts so not a lot of people knew about it, both band and theater were in the gym. Alex was in both mariachi and orchestra.

“I was at the library for the nobodies club. The club it’s like the celebration of the geeky, the people that want to chill,” sophomore Michael Pedraza said.

Michael is the president of the NoBodies club. The club was make a comeback at the school.

“Well we are on social media but we probably should spread more by mouth because we got to get people to actually know this club before we do actual advertising,” Michael said.