Principal spot still vacant after two months of interviews


Ismael Barraza

Teachers and community members attend principal committee meeting in the school auditorium.

Christian Gallardo, Staff Editor

Since former principal Robert Marsh retired back in December at the end of the first semester, the school has been without a principal for two months. The district claimed to hire a new principal by February, but that opportunity has already passed.  

The district was apparently going to have the hiring committee start the interview process for possible candidates for the principal position starting back in January. 

“It hasn’t really affected me in any way that we haven’t had a principal. And I don’t really think it matters in my opinion since nothing feels like it’s changed,” senior Scottie Paige said.  

There was a principal committee meeting in which several teachers attended and gave their thoughts on what a new principal should bring to the school. 

“At the meeting, all I said was that our new principal should have these qualities, and just pretty much what kinds of traits I want from our principal to make our school a safe environment,” technology education teacher David Quinn said. “I think a principal should have integrity, be interactive with students and faculty and staff, and they should make school feel like a safe environment.” 

Teachers, like history teacher Kimberly Mitchell, believe it’s very important to be involved with the hiring of a new principal. 

“This is someone who will be running our school, and also representing us as a collective,” Mitchell said. 

Some of our assistant principals have applied for the vacant spot much like assistant principal Catherine Costanzo Granados. 

“I submitted an application correctly via email to schedule an interview, and then I had to prepare a 10-minute PowerPoint presentation which had to include a video to introduce myself to the committee and the community,” Granados said. “Although after the first round, I did not apply for the second round because I did not feel prepared, or I could provide what a principal should provide our school. But I hope with our new principal, they should be a positive influence on the school environment and be strong leaders.”