New music teacher Sandra Herrera

“I expect for there to be changes in both the Orchestra and Mariachi programs, but I am excited to see what she does. From what I’ve seen, the changes she has already made have paid off.”, senior Alex Reed said. The new orchestra and Mariachi teacher, Sandra Herrera, is starting the Monday after spring break.

“It feels like her forte is more in mariachi, like it if it weren’t for her and Mr. Acosta’s help the mariachi wouldn’t have made it to state. She seems so far so good; she is a fun teacher.”, junior Dilan Pantoja said. Herrera helped prepare mariachi for competition and they made it to state.

“I think maybe she’ll push the kids more to excel and motivate them, maybe do something with mariachi or with band and orchestra together.” freshman Andrew Roman said. The orchestra kids haven’t had a teacher since Margarita Mendez left to go to Clint Independent School district.

“Next year is going to look horrendous, there is going to be the two new teachers, the band and orchestra teacher and there is going to be the freshman coming in and they are not going to have an idea how to read music and all that.”, Andrew said. With no news about the new band director, the music department will only have Herrera and Eric Weaver, the choir director, as their teachers.

“I feel like this change was very much needed for Mariachi, and she’s going to make us do more things, like gigs and competitions. I think next year is going to look more eventful, doing more things like concerts and fundraisers.” Dilan said. The students don’t really know what to expect with the new teacher coming close to the end of the year.

“I think next year will be a wonderful year for both music programs because of the way Ms. Herrera is planning to run things. I think students will have a lot of fun in her programs next year.”, Alex said. Having Herrera come to the school will be a very big change after having Mendez for 16 years.

“She seems like she obviously knows what she is doing but she seems pretty cool, like she is a pretty good job for replacing Ms. Mendez.”, Dilan said.