Students take STAAR test online

Lilly Morrow, Staff Editor

This year students took the STAAR test online. Although students have completed the STAAR test online before, this is the first time the entire school has. 

Algebra 1 and PAP Algebra 1 teacher, Kevin Mills, believes the pandemic is one of the reasons that students executed the STAAR test online instead of on paper. 

“I think cause of everything going on and it was less papers to hand out,” Mills said. “There were concerns with everyone touching the same test. I think part of it was that.” 

While students have always had the choice to opt out of their test, this year parents filled out surveys to decide when their child would evaluate. Parents could let their kids assess in June or December instead of April or May. 

“We strongly encourage students to test in the semester they are exposed to the subject,” testing coordinator Cristin Zuniga said. “Students need to realize ‘opt out’ does not mean exempt or you don’t need to test. ‘Opt out’ is basically a pause or will test next testing cycle.” 

Freshman Riza Rangel thinks the online STAAR test is helpful and that we should continue taking it. She feels it would be safer to have your own equipment because of COVID-19. 

“You don’t need as much paper and I just think it’s more convenient all around,” Riza said. 

The district plans to have all students evaluate online by the school year 2022-2023. However, testing on paper will still be available. 

“Those students would need to have documentation requesting specific testing accommodations,” Zuniga said. 

Due to majority of instruction being online, taking the STAAR test online was recommended as a “trial run.” 

“It has been a success even with all the student device issues,” Zuniga said. “I believe we will continue to test on student devices from now on.”