What Students are going Back Next School Year.

What Students are Going Back Next School Year.

Angelina Macias, staff writer

This 2020-2021 was a school year no one will ever forget. Mostly because the whole first semester we did virtual learning then the second semester a few students came back to school and majority stayed at home.


There is a lot of talk about more people getting vaccinated and also that the majority of the school is going in person to school because people are getting vaccinated and going back for the 2021-2022 school year.


“I definitely think that I want to go back to school next school year especially since it’s going to be my senior year and I can’t imagine doing it online” said junior Lety McLaughlin.


“I’m honestly not too sure at the moment if I want to go back in person next school year because I know a lot of people are getting vaccinated, but a lot of people aren’t” said junior Julissa Arellano.


Lots of teenagers are getting vaccinated since the age limit to get vaccinated is 12 years old. And because of that more students plan on going back to school in person next school year.


“Since I’m now vaccinated, I’m pretty sure I’m going back next school year but if I wasn’t, I would not go back because COVID still exist” said sophomore Janelle Ramos.


If it wasn’t for people getting vaccinated and students as well there would be a lot less students going back next school year because of that.