Chapin High School Class of 2021 Will Get Graduation Ceremony Amidst Covid-19 Pandemic.

Chapin High School Class of 2021 Will Get Graduation Ceremony Amidst Covid-19 Pandemic.

With the 2020-2021 school year having to begin and complete their school year online, it raised a lot of questions on how things were going to play out this year. Amidst, the covid 19 pandemic, with the number of protocols and rules needing to be followed many were not sure how kids were going to be able to attend school in person let alone have any senior activities like prom, banquets, or even graduation.

It worried this year’s senior class profusely. The idea of working for 12 years to get to this moment and when its finally time it gets cut short. It was a burning question all year “is there going to be a graduation?” “Are we going to be able to walk?”. Well, it has been officially announced that our senior class is going to be able to have a graduation ceremony.

With this exciting new released it sure raised a lot of questions about how many people per students were going to be allowed to attend and the protocols that were going to need to be followed to allow this to happen. I asked senior Allison Mata how she felt about the announcement of her graduation which she replied, “I am very excited to have one really, we didn’t get anything our senior year and I’m really happy we at least get one little celebration before we leave.”.

When protocols and locations were finally released it left many a little surprised but also happy to say. Graduation was announced to be held at the Bowie High School stadium which is 2different considering graduations are usually held at the Don Haskins Center but due to having to have the ceremony outside locations had to be changed. Celina Celaya said this about the change in location, “Honestly, I don’t mind it. I understand that there are protocols that need to follow, and it makes it a lot better we are lucky enough to have gotten the later slot, so it won’t be melting hot outside.”. Even with the changes, seniors are ecstatic to even get a ceremony.

Another big surprise that was announced was how EPISD will not be issuing tickets this year, meaning, anyone is welcome to attend and there are no restrictions on how many people per student. Many found this very surprising like senior Ariana Huitron said, “It was so surprising but made me happy because now my whole family can attend, and I don’t have to narrow down the amount of people”.

Graduation is approaching fast and many seniors’ times at Chapin are coming to an end. It was a bummer the class pf 2021 didn’t get to have a real senior year but with this exciting news coming out it has many feelings optimistic and motivated to end the school year on a high note.