High School Students Getting Vaccinated

High School Students Getting Vaccinated

Angelina Macias, staff writer

Teens that are the age 16 and older are now able to get the Pfizer vaccine according to Pfizer.com. Many Teens have in fact gotten vaccinated.


“When I got the vaccine, it hurt a little, and I actually didn’t want to get the vaccine, but it wasn’t really that bad, I feel safer now that I am fully vaccinated” said junior Lety McLaughlin.


The Pfizer vaccine has two vaccines in order to fully be vaccinated. After the first dose you must wait three weeks to get the second dose and then you’re done getting the vaccine and 14 days after that the second dose you are then fully vaccinated says the whitehouse.gov.


“I didn’t get sick from the vaccine my arm hurt a little like when you get a normal shot, and the only weird side effect was that I felt a little tired” said junior Andrew Fierro.


When you get the vaccine you also receive a card that shows you’re vaccinated for COVID. Some places do ask for that card and one of them is Universal Studios Hollywood, if you’re an out of state resident.


“I feel that all teens sixteen and older should get the Pfizer vaccine because that way we can stop the increase in cases of COVID” said sophomore Riley Washington.


Getting vaccinated for COVID for teens is recommended. Especially for students who are going to school in person allows less of a risk for exposure to getting COVID.


“I would recommend getting the shot, to slow down the spread of COVID through teens” said junior Andrew Fierro.