Senior graduation to have in person guests

Joe Rivas, Staff Reporter

According to the senior class Zoom meeting, the current COVID-19 pandemic has created a new system for graduation that is different than the graduations in the past. Being in virtual classrooms for their entire senior year, senior students such as Bobby Hernandez find it difficult to fully realize that their in-person adult life is about to begin. 

 “Going into the military has always been my dream,” Bobby said. “But I’m scared that I will be even more exposed to the current pandemic when I ship out for basic.” 

Seniors like Brian Magallanes who plans on going to Community college, are curious as to how college life will differ from high school.  

“If we are currently half in-person learning,” Brian said. “Will it be the same in college, or more difficult?”  

In the past students were only able to bring two other guests to your graduation, but now according to EPISD there is no limit to the number of people you bring.  

It is a different atmosphere, ceremony, and process for the seniors such as Adam Williams, that could bring anxiety to the graduation for everyone.  

“I am excited to finally graduate from high school,” Adam said. “Although it’s very scary with all the new pandemic changes.”