The school reduces face-to-face lunch menu choices

Christian Gallardo, Staff Editor

Students have been going back to in-person lectures for six weeks and one of the changes made to the students’ daily activities is how the lunch menu has changed. Now, rather than how the students had the choice of three options of food to choose from, now they only have a single option. 

Students like, freshman Adriel Lira, are against this change to the school’s lunch menu and do not think that offering one choice is not good enough nutritionally. 

“We’ve been getting enchiladas and while it’s kind of good, it’s just tortilla and cheese and that’s not enough nutrients and for them to be serving it very often, is not good,” Adriel said. 

But students like, junior Mason Whittenberg, do not have a problem with the new change. Mason said that at the beginning of each week, the school should send out some sort of survey for the next week’s lunches with various items and have students respond to that survey. 

“While I do feel like the lunch menu is lacking in variety, it shouldn’t matter because it’s free food,” Mason said.  

Junior Zachary Magdaleno has an immediate solution to the apparent issue with the new face-to-face lunch menu. Zachary said that the school sources a lot of its money from attendance numbers.  

If we get more people in attendance, we might get better lunches and more options, Zachary said. 

The reduced food choices for face-to-face students are in line with how virtual students are able to pick up free lunch from the school as long as they have identification. 

“We don’t want to make the situation complicated and try and spend more than we have to,” counselor Cheryl Whitney said. “Reducing the choices given to students eliminates any complications we might have.”