People share side effects from vaccine

Joe Rivas, Staff Reporter

With the COVID pandemic affecting individuals, people like Rosa Contreras are taking into consideration whether to take the vaccine and if it will come with any side effects. 

“When they injected me with the vaccine it did not hurt one bit,” Rosa Contreras said. “The volunteers made me wait 15 minutes after the vaccine to see if I felt any different.” 

Teachers, like Sunrise Elementary teacher Nancy Brown, have taken the vaccine but knows others are reluctant to do so. 

“I don’t know why others don’t take the vaccine and be safe, I didn’t feel anything, Brown said. “I felt no side effects and felt safe after.” 

Doctors have been some of the first to get the vaccine. University Medical Center Dr. James Brown was one of the first to get both doses of the vaccine.  

“When I took the vaccine, I didn’t really feel anything after, Dr. Brown said. “Getting the second dose of the vaccine I didn’t experience side effects.”  

  Parents like Cynthia Rivas feel the vaccine is necessary.  

“I got the vaccine because I have two little ones at home,” Rivas said. “I didn’t feel anything after I got it. 

According to Dr. Brown Side effects with any vaccine can be a threat to some but non-existent to others.  

“When I took the vaccine, I felt a little dizzy after, mother Michelle Alaya said. “But it all went away when I took a drink of water.” 

According to the CDC people need to try to stay inside as much as possible and limit contact with others.  

 “People are still going to get COVID none of the less, but with the vaccines, things should get better,” Dr. Brown said.