Texas reopening

Texas reopening

Mia Palomares, Writer

Reopening the Texas economy during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic will go into effect on Monday, May 18.

After fights with the government on who the blame will be on if the rates of the corona virus get higher.  The governor of Texas is choosing to take all the responsibility that is going to come next with reopening texas.  The rules are his, and so will be whatever credit or blame that results from those rules. At the same time he was “being nice” about swimming pools, haircuts, bars, nail salons and gyms last week, Abbott was announcing plans for health squads the state to appear where coronavirus is rampaging.

Businesses will be able to reopen and be able to operate and make money again. Places will be allowed to open but only to 25% capacity. They say “every salon that can hold six chairs may only feel two”. The governor is letting small businesses open sooner than he intended but he feel that Texas can make progress and not higher the rates of corona virus.

But this reopening isn’t about how much money businesses reopening it’s about how much people can handle themselves during this pandemic without making more cases. They want people to realize that the state will give them the freedom of being out without anything going bad for them but they want them to realize it doesn’t mean they can be out 24/7 because if they cases rise texas will be closing back up