Food distribution center helps during Covid-19 crisis

Christian Gallardo, Reporter

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the food distribution center, El Pasoans Fighting Hunger, have begun taking different safety protocols during these times of crisis.

The food distribution center which has over 132 partner agencies and programs which includes pantries, shelters, soup kitchens, and churches, have been taking protocols like transitioning their mobile pantries into a drive thru-model to create a “low touch” experience. The food center has also explored the possibility of having additional food distributions centers within the city of El Paso as well as the surrounding regions.

“I’m so thankful for their selfless activities.” Sergio Valtierra, a participant, said. “I’d probably be food-less if it weren’t for the volunteers risking their well-being to get food out to the needy.”

According to the logistics coordinator over at the food center, there has been an increase in the need for volunteer workers to help give out meal boxes. AmeriCorps, which is a voluntary civil society program, is a catalyst for food distribution.

“As an AmeriCorps. Member, we are a crisis relief group, so we  volunteer at food banks and distribute to food pantries”.  Veronica Esparza, a volunteer, said. “El Pasoans Fighting Hunger is doing an amazing job considering the situation we’re in. They have been able to pull resources, grants, and manpower in order to fill the community’s needs and get food to the different areas that really need it”

EPFH is encouraging people to volunteer in this time of need to eliminate exhaustion on the small group of volunteers that work each day.

“We will continue to take appropriate measures to keep our temporary workers, volunteers, employees and the community at-large safe during these times.”  Susan Goodell, Chief executive officer, said.