Corona Virus Updates

New updates on the corona virus.

Mia Palomares, Writer

As everyone is the world knows by now. Covid-19 is taking a big effect on everyone across the globe and is interfering with Personal Lives, Daily Routines, Schools, Day cares, Job’s, and many other things that would be happening if this virus was affecting so many.

As of April 23, 2020 there are 925 thousand confirmed cases all across the U.S.  this virus is a big deal but many people don’t realize it.  Many don’t understand the affects that are going to happen by them not taking this seriously.  Hundreds of people have died from this virus but people still don’t understand that this virus is serious.

Every state has started social distancing. Which is when you stay a certain amount of space away from someone so that you are being safe and helping everyone your around safe.  I think social distancing is very effective because its making people keep their distance to insure your stay as safe as possible because you don’t want the virus to spread anymore than it is.

In El Paso they have asked citizens to stay self quarantine for fourteen days if they have travels out of the city or more than 100 miles out of city range in the last two weeks because it takes over fourteen days for them to identify if they have virus.

Recently the city of El Paso has announced changes to the safety and responsibility of keeping people safe during covid-19 and these new changes will be starting April 24, 2020.

Face mask will now me mandatory anywhere you go in public.  This rule applies to every adult.  This even applies to any children over the age of two years old.  The city will allow exceptions to those who have trouble breathing, have medical issues, are exercising and other exceptions.  Though the city is making exceptions for others this doesn’t mean you can take advantage of these exceptions just because you would not like to wear a mask.