Zoom will no longer be accessible to students due to disruptions during class

Christian Gallardo, Reporter

Due to COVID-19 closing schools down until further notice, school districts have been making the students and teachers use the Zoom program. For the past weekschools all around episd, have been using the Zoom website for classroom conferences.  

But due to Zoom’s easy accessibility, many strangers have been logging onto the conferences mid class time and have been disrupting the conferences. 

“The whole situation seems pretty crazy, but I think if episd thinks blocking Zoom keeps us safe then they can,” sophomore Donovan Davis said. “But it does seem a little ridiculous to close zoom to all of the district.” 

Starting April 8, the school district will block the Zoom website on all the school macbooks preventing any student from trying to log on. 

“I found Zoom hard to navigate, so I’m glad we’re just moving to the schoology website conferences,” seventh grader James Esparza said. 

Students of all grades have been experiencing these problems with the Zoom website and the districts hope that the problem will be resolved with switching of the sites. 

“I think what episd wanted to accomplish with zoom was to alleviate some of the traffic on schoology, but it of course led to easy accessibility”, parent Veronica Esparza said. “I think we’ll adapt to whatever website we use for school time.”