Debate team competes in national debate tournament

Christian Gallardo, reporter

The Debate team will be leaving for the Nationals debate tournament that will take place in Albuquerque. 

In these tournaments, the debaters go in pairs and debate on a specific topic whether it be policy or politics and go off on the topic and make an argument agreeing or disagreeing with the statements. 

“I’m in the politics area and the way we debate, is we assign the affirmative and negative of our statements. Then, we will give our rebuttal, Donovan Jones said. 

The debate team have been preparing themselves mentally and physically for this debate tournament by doing lots of research and practicing for the debate. 

The team will be competing and debating against all debate teams from schools from all over the country in the events, debate teacher James Thompson said. “The debaters will compete in oratory, policy, politics, and congress.” 

The spoken debaters are ready for the upcoming tournament. 

“I feel ready for my upcoming tournament,” junior Colin Tipton said. “I’m a little nervous but I feel like I can kill this debate.”