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Student council puts on lunchtime pep rally

Isabella Leon
Major the husky mascot brawls it out with the Andress Eagle mascot at the “hunting week” pep rally. The pep rally took place during lunchtime on rivalry week.

Students were given the option to go to the pep rally or have a 70-minute lunch. Though the pep rally was first come first serve since there was limited seating, the gym was not packed. 

“Well to be honest I think the timing for them to do it was kind of dumb, and then only limiting certain students to going was also not a great idea,” senior Damian Lugo said. “They could’ve done two separate pep rallies. One for the underclassmen and another for upper class men on a different day.” 

On the other hand, there was a positive comment from a student who was eager to attend the pep rally. 

“I think it was a good idea having the pep rally as option instead of forcing everyone to go,” senior Ismael Herrera said. “
“That way the gym doesn’t get so crowded because not everyone is going to want to go, but I’m pretty excited to go it gets me hyped up for the football game.”

The student council members organized the activities for the students.  

“The activities that they had were also really fun, it was entertaining,” Ismael said. “It seemed like a lot of students were included to participate.” 

The students that did go to the pep rally were able to see the Husky mascot and the Andress Eagle mascot fight each other.  

“I’m so glad I’m able to be a part of this,” student council member Nick Peña said. “I really like seeing the mascots fight, it’s funny and it gets me ready for the football game.” 

Because students were given the option whether or not to go to the pep rally, students who chose not to go were given a 70-minute lunch. 

“I think it was a little rushed and under promoted,” senior Rover Cardiel said. “However, I think it’s pretty cool and creative to make it during lunch, so students have the option to take the longer lunch.”

Rober was able to use the 70-minute lunch to leave campus and eat little Ceasar’s pizza at a park with his friends. 

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