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Captains Club

Choosing between three different groups, school pride, community outreach and feeder community, senior Scout Quiros makes the decision of community outreach. Captains club is an advisory class, where every Wednesday, students meet up and pitch ideas to the advisors of the club.

It is a tradition finding its way back.

“Captains club was a thing before COVID started and we wanted to bring it back this year, just to create a community in the school,” senior Americas Huerta said.

To get into the captains club, you must be recommended by a teacher. They must think you have leadership qualities or are a leader of an organization.

“I thought it would be a good idea to put my leaders in another organization that talks about leadership in the school,” Cody Ritchey said. “I think it is a good way for all the club leaders to be aware of all the other groups.”

The advisors of captains club are Ryan Warner, head football coach, Julie Ohshiro, and Rodney Lewis, head basketball coach.

“Me and Saidee Garcia had the idea and Coach Warner and Oshiro put it into action,” senior Miles Oshiro said.

This advisory class is split into three groups: school pride, community outreach and feeder community.

“I think community is, that if you have a really good community outreach you can cover both of those bases,” Scout said. “The entire community, including the feeder kids, elderly people, and even other high schools would know what Chapin is about.”

Students can bring their concerns to their group.

“I think with Chapin, a lot of the different clubs and organizations aren’t really in tune with each other, we hear what STUCO is up to but we don’t really get to be apart of it until last minute,” Scout said.

Students can also bring ideas that they want to see done in school.

“I really want to advocate for midnight madness for basketball, I think it would be a fun tradition to start since we are very basketball heavy,” Americas said. “I want to advocate for different things, like movie nights on the field.”

Teachers who put students want different clubs to share resources.

“I think it is a good way for all the club leaders to be aware of all the other groups and that way too to inspire support and encouragement,” Ritchey said. “So that everyone in the school benefits.”

Having the captain’s club be brought back, “makes a new foundation” Americas said. “For the underclassmen I think it instills disciplinary, a lot of want to be better, that this is their school and it’s can be how they want it to be,” Americas said. “That this is their community and school and it’s only going to be how they want it and how they want to have it.”

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