Testing creates tension for students

Stress levels increase among students making them irritable

The entire month of May is filled with various tests for students to complete including EOC’s, AP exams, finals, etc. This has created scheduling issues among the students and teachers.

“I’ve been spending majority of my free time studying for an endless amount of tests,” junior Ethan Ramos said. “Having to manage the block schedules stresses me out even more, because it’s difficult to track where I need to be.”

The block schedules were put in place to give students enough time to take their final without worrying about how long they take.

“I kind of like the block schedules, but it’s also really annoying because I don’t like staying in one class for three hours,” freshman Jasmine Estrada said.

There are conflicting feelings about the timing of exams, some students are frustrated because they aren’t in a good position with their grades.

“I think it’s ridiculous to have all these tests so close to each other and at the end of the year,” sophomore Alana Contreras said. “Students aren’t given a chance to potentially boost their grade if they don’t do well on the tests.”

Teachers disagree with the idea that students aren’t given time, and feel frustrated with grading various work.

“I would say I have a pretty reasonable policy regarding grades,” English teacher Stephanie Morales said. “I give students anywhere from 3-4 weeks to turn something in before I no longer accept it.”

Other students don’t have an issue with the layout of the month and have a more understanding mindset.

“Having so many tests near each is annoying, but I can understand why,” junior Sebastian Flores said. “The tests need to be done at a certain point so it’s better to do it near the end after you’ve gone over all the material.”