Long last quarter

Last quarter of the year has the most weeks, causing students to feel intense exhaustion

The last quarter having the most amount of weeks allows time for state and AP testing 
without taking away class time from the schedule. It also allows time to clear and graduate seniors without disrupting other students.
“The first three quarters of the year went by so fast,” freshman Genevieve Edwards said. “But now it feels like it’s never gonna end.”
Aside from testing and seniors, the structure of the year was made with more than just the students in mind.
By starting elementary, middle and high schools on a varied schedule it allows parents to get them all to school if they have children at two or more levels.” Counselor Cheryl Whitney said.
Students feel frustrated with how long the final quarter is, and come up with their own ideas for an alternative.
“I understand testing needs to happen, but why can’t we do it earlier?” sophomore Shalayiah Dukes said. “We could end the year sooner and students would feel less stressed after it’s over.”