Preparations for STAAR


Testing coordinator sending out emails to prepare the upcoming testers.

Students are assigned to classrooms that best accommodate their needs to be successful  

“If they do not have a school device or aren’t allowed to have one than their put directly into a lab that has desktops, So it all depends on the situation of the student,” testing coordinator Cristin Zuniga said.

The days that we will be testing on will be Tuesday, April 18 and Thursday, April 20. For non-testers, they will be on a frozen period block schedule. 

“On Tuesday, non testers will be going to their first and their third period,” Zuniga said. “They will stay in their first In the morning and go to their third in the afternoon. On Thursday, they will go to their second and fourth period for the same amount of time.”  

Students get sent emails a week or so prior to the test date to alert them of the upcoming test. 

“My teacher told us to check our emails and I had gotten a message telling me where my test was going to be and what I should like to bring,” freshman Marco Montoya said. 

The main thing that new students should do to prepare for the EOC test is the buildup to it 

“Honestly I think that they should get a really Good rest and eat before the test,” senior Jocelynn Matthews said.